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Introducing the PSC Bloggers!

We’ve been talking about starting a PSC blog for a while now.  We ran out of excuses of why not to blog so here we are ready to write for your reading pleasure!

Deb Nigra was one of the first people to be hired when PSC opened back in 1986.   Deb’s the go-to gal around here for most things pertaining to our website.  She’s actually in the process of acquiring as many college degrees as possible.  Currently she has three –  a B.A. in Chemistry from Thiel College, an M.S. in Chemistry from Carnegie Mellon University and an M.S. in Information Science from the University of Pittsburgh – and is  taking classes and applying to the  M.A. in Professional Writing program at Carnegie Mellon.   When not in a classroom or working at PSC, Deb enjoys gardening and has been seen lugging around grocery bags of bulbs and plants that she’s dug up from her garden to share with those of us who still have room in our gardens.

Chris Rapier is one of our “networking peeps” –   my affectionate term for the staffers who keep our network up and running. Chris graduated from Carnegie Mellon with a B.S. in Applied History.  I’m sure you’re wondering how did this history geek end up becoming a networking peep? After working in a variety of different jobs, he went to work for a friend at Telerama where he excelled as a help desk manager and system administrator.  Nowadays, he’s involved in research to improve network performance and diagnostics.  When Chris isn’t researching how to get our emails sent faster, he enjoys cooking, eating and talking to me about various home improvement projects.

Shandra Williams joined the PSC team in 2007, officially as a graphic designer, and unofficially as the PSC jokester.  She attended the Art Institute, Tuskegee University and Auburn University.  She handles most of the graphic design work around here.  I’ve been told that in her spare time one of her hobbies is “model train engineer”.  However, I’ve yet to see one of these model trains in a photo or in person…  She enjoys German style board games and video games when she’s not doing graphic design, model train engineering or enjoying a weekday gluten-free lunch with Deb Nigra.

Robin Scibek  <— that’s me.  I began working at PSC as a student and was hired as a staffer after graduating with my B.S. in Computer Science in 2003 from the University of Pittsburgh. I began working in the database group; since finishing an M.B.A at Pitt, I’ve also been responsible for organizing PSC events like our annual open house and other outreach projects.  When I need a break at work I’ve made it my personal mission to help my co-workers develop a passion for fashion and transform their terrible “offbeat” fashion choices. I haven’t been very successful though. Recently, I issued a fashion citation to Shandra Williams for wearing chartreuse socks with sandals – she has it proudly posted on her office door.

Well, now that you’ve been officially introduced to all of us, I hope you check back often to see what we’re all up to here at PSC.

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